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Portfolio of London-based Digital Product Designer, Hannah van Bruggen.

Hannah has a strong digital UI background and a human-first approach to her work.

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What others say


Chris Myhill

Director Of Experience

I had the great pleasure of working closely with Hannah for a few years, as part of Golin's digital design team.

Hannah has a great design approach that brings creativity and artisitc flair. An amazing designer and illustrator, she always makes sure that both business and user needs are being looked after.

A great designer and a great person in general - I hope to work with her again!


Brigi Csap

Front End Developer

Hannah is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she knowledgeable and up to date on the latest technologies and trends, her designs are also clean and well-organised, which makes it incredibly easy for a developer to take over the project.

She reflects on changes instantly and she is ready to take the developer’s input into account when designing more challenging elements.

I would absolutely recommend Hannah, she would be a great asset in any design team.


Kerry Prager

Senior Traffic Manager

Hannalot is a hard-working, talented and impeccable digital designer. Her creative flare is awesome, She doesn’t let anything compromise her work, and will always strive to deliver the best possible work for her project managers and her clients. She takes on client feedback with grace and dignity, and works hard to achieve the final result that everybody is happy with.

Her attention to detail is key, always following clients brand guidelines if provided, or taking inspiration from existing content in order to get a feel for what the clients are expecting. She is always willing to help out where needed, and is a complete team player. HVB is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Creative, talented, and awesome, what more could you want?


Pete Kemp

Head Of Product

I had the great pleasure of working with Hannah for a little over two years at Golin. Together we worked on a range of digital projects, from websites and business platforms to mobile apps and games.

Since I started working with her, Hannah has continually impressed her clients and fellow team members with the quality and speed of her work. Through her natural creativity and talent she truly brought the digital projects she worked on to life. On one such occasion, her web design work so fully met the expectations of a grateful client, that they were genuinely brought to tears of joy :)ß.

Needless to say, I would have no hesitation in recommending Hannah for any future role.